Warrant Forms

JAIL N' BAIL  2017
Warrant Form
Warrants are $5.00 - payable by Eastern Express Card or through PAYPAL.

To use your CREDIT CARD to purchase a warrant please fill out the form below (leaving the Express Card # blank), then click the DONATE button, fill out the first page and click continue. On the second page; click on ADD SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS - in that box please type WARRANT and the name of the person to be arrested . EXAMPLE: WARRANT - JOHN DOE

Location of Arrest (Dept/Hall/Room #):
This is where Police will find the Jailee at the time you've specified on this warrant. 
Arrest time (on April 19th 10am-4pm):
Description of Jailee:
For questions or if jailee is not successfully arrested please call (this is the name of the person arrresting the jailee):
Phone #:
Express Card #::
IF YOU'RE USING EASTERN EXPRESS: The card number you need is the student ID#, followed by the last 4 digits of the card holders Social Security.  Then the last two digits are 01 if it is the first ID card, 02 if its the second, etc. EXAMPLE: 12345678123401
This number should be 14 digits long!!!
Name on Express Card::